Millions of Americans are injured in workplace accidents every day. Sometimes, these accidents result in serious, disabling injuries from which victims will never recover. Fortunately, people who are disabled in workplace accidents are entitled to temporary or permanent disability benefits through California’s workers’ compensation program – regardless of whose fault an accident was.

There are many injuries that can result in disability. In addition, these injuries can occur in accidents that take place in any work environment, from a standard office to a construction site. Some examples of injuries that may result in temporary or permanent disability include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Repetitive motion/stress injuries
  • Accidental amputations
  • Crush injuries

Do You Need a California Workers’ Compensation Attorney to File a Claim?

If you have been involved in a disabling accident at work, you may be wondering whether you need a lawyer – especially if the insurance company has already made an offer. As a victim, it’s important to understand that workers’ compensation insurance companies are incentivized to pay out as little as possible. Without the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you may end up settling for significantly less than your case is actually worth. An attorney familiar with workers’ compensation law in California can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Determining the actual value of your case
  • Handling your claim paperwork
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Filing an appeal on a denied claim
  • Taking your case to court, if necessary

If you have suffered a disabling injury while at work, you should schedule your free consultation as soon as possible. We know how to get our clients the benefits they deserve and will never ask for legal fees unless we win your case. Call (661) 273-1780 or contact us online to schedule.